Top Sights and Attractions in the Town of Bansko
If you are planning your holidays in Bansko, you should know that this is a friendly destination for all kinds of travellers. Of course, the major attraction that has helped boost the number of tourists flocking the region is no other than the snow. This is what has made thousands of people visit Bansko and engage in skiing and snowboarding, as well as mountaineering and mountain biking. Nevertheless, it is always refreshing to know that you can also benefit from long strolls in the picturesque alleys and pathways throughout Bansko.
When you walk up and down the main streets of Bansko, there are numerous points of interest that you can visit and learn more about. Velianov house is one of them, with Velian Ognev being a prominent painter in Bansko and his house having been turned into a museum. Saint Trinity Church is another place that will catch your eye, with the clock bell tower being one of the central buildings and in fact one of the trade marks of Bansko. If you wish to make an appointment with someone, this is a great place to meet! If you are intrigued by houses that have been transformed into museums, there is another one which houses Nikola Vaptsarov. He was a poet and he had rich revolutionary activity throughout his life. Last but not least, there is a tree that has been dated back more than 1300 years. So, this is a great attraction to admire, with the tree being one of the oldest ones in Europe.
These are just few of the things that will attract you when visiting Bansko. Enjoy your walks and mingle with the locals, so as to learn as much as possible about this genuine destination in the heart of Bulgaria that you will come to adore!