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Bansko, the famous ski destination in Bulgaria, is home to a number of hotels and resorts. All hotels we provide, are ranked among the finest Bansko hotels.

Bansko is situated in the foothills of Pirin Mountain and in one of the most beautiful Bulgarian towns. Bansko attracting thousands of visitors each year, so it is no wonder that here you can find a large number of hotels (luxury hotels, boutique hotels, budget hotels, ski resort hotels, family hotels), hotel apartments offering all kinds of amenities.
In order to avoid wasting a lot of time to find the hotel of your choice, we have selected a number of quality services hotels that have the best visitors reviews in worldwide known web sites.
For any hotel you select, former hotel guests guarantee that you will have a special stay and enjoy your holiday in Bansko Bulgaria.

Bansko is a town and ski resort in southwestern Bulgaria, located at the foot of Pirin at an altitude of 925 m above sea level. It is considered to be the most developed Ski and Winter Resort in Eastern Europe, and is one of the best in Europe. Bansko is the birthplace of 20th century Bulgarian poet Nikola Vaptsarov and Bulgarian enlighteners Paisiy Hilendarski (sometimes disputed) and Neofit Rilski.

Bansko, once mainly a stockbreeding and travelling merchant community, has nowadays become a centre of winter and summer tourism. The mountain peaks near the town, the numerous lakes and the old pine woods make it a popular site for recreation. In recent years, the town has gained international popularity after the start of the annual Bansko Jazz Festival and consequently the annual Bansko pop-star concert featuring top pop stars. The nearby village of Banya, located only 5 km from the town, is known for its 27 thermal mineral springs.

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